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Merge Design

3001-105 Spring Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27616
United States

LEED Contributing Concrete that is Beautiful and Practical.Merge Design Company collaborates with visionary designers, architects, and clients to create sustainable, high impact concrete essentials through our award-winning, LEED contributing, extremeconcrete™ line of eco-sensitive, NSF/ANSI 51 certified materials. extremeconcrete™ can be infused with a range of pigments and recycled aggregates to provide unlimited color and material combinations, creating unrivaled surfaces and distinctive products. Think of extremeconcrete™  for surfaces, sinks, stair treads, wall and floor coverings, furniture and more.Composed of up to 85% recycled content, extremeconcrete™ can incorporate the recycled/ reclaimed elements you choose to divert from the waste stream, such as finely ground by-products from silicon production or coal-fired power plants, crushed pre/post-consumer glass, shredded circuit boards, plastics, stranded fabric or carpet fibers and even certain rubber components.

Sinks | Merge Design | extremeconcrete® | eco-sensitive, LEED contributing concrete

Vessel Sinks

Sinks | Merge Design | extremeconcrete® | eco-sensitive, LEED contributing concrete

Multiple Bowl Sinks

STAIR TREADS: extreme concrete® staircases + steps

FURNITURE: extreme concrete® furniture + accessories

FIXTURES: extreme concrete® retail displays

SINKS: extreme concrete® sinks + bowls

TILES: extreme concrete® tiles + panels

SURFACES: extremeconcrete®