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Kenneth Vona Construction

11 Fox Road
Waltham, MA 02451
United States
(781) 890-5599

Sustainable solutions are important to our environment, our future, and to us, which is why we were early adopters of green building practices that make a difference. Our definition of building green begins with creating an ideal six sided cube, or building envelope, which helps us produce efficiencies that reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, and creates an immediate savings for homeowners. Our six sided cube approach incorporates the following building techniques:

Water Management
By developing a sound water management plan, which keeps water moving around, or away from the wood used to build a home, wood can maintain a long life. Implementing this basic plan can help preserve a home for hundreds of years.

By adding 1-2 inches of polystyrene to the outside of the homes we build, we create a thermal effect, which is particularly effective when it comes to energy efficiency. We call this “outsulating” because we prevent thermal losses from the outside. To add even more energy efficiency, we use the same technique on all mechanical spaces and basement walls, in the form of insulation.




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