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EM-BOLT™ is a pre-fabricated boltable embed plate that eliminates on-site field welding when attaching steel beams to cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete. It was invented by a structural engineer to enable contractors and construction crews to work faster and safer. It is a simple yet impactful solution compared to the method currently used. It saves significant labor hours in addition to implementing higher quality and overall reliability of the finished product.

Contractors have embraced the use of EM-BOLT™ because it doesn’t alter the overall construction process. It eliminates time-consuming installation steps that workers dislike, while greatly reducing safety issues and the risk of human error. EM-BOLT™ has been rigorously tested by an ISO-certified lab, and is rated with a Factor of Safety equal to 6 times (F.S. = 6.0) the maximum load specified by the 2015 International Building Code.