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Say hello to—a company dedicated to creating solar roofing systems that integrate into the architecture of the home. We consider this a game changer when it comes to solar energy.

Our metal roof integrated solar thermal collectors are a fusion of the finest roofing materials and our patent pending solar thermal collection system. With INroof, the roof is the solar collector giving you a streamlined look you never thought possible.

INroof collectors are the ideal solar energy solution for all your heating needs including solar hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating and swimming pool heating. Our Nor’easter collectors are cool weather optimized with a smooth, solar-collecting coating that allows them to shed snow easily. And if necessary heat can be pumped back through the roof to melt snow and ice. Plus our panels are compatible with geothermal heating systems.

INroof panels are the finest integrated solar thermal collectors on the market today and are the perfect choice if you want the benefits of solar energy without the look of solar panels installed on top of your roof.

Simple and efficient technology intuitively applied to meet the greatest need - INroof Solar Panels

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