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PO Box 2251
Bristol, CT 06011
United States

We are a manufacturer of a temperature control & energy management system which works with most any existing heating & cooling equipment, providing significant value/impact as it relates to comfort & energy savings.


Emme provides the following key value propositions:


  • Provides an affordable zone in every room (existing or new buildings)
  • Provides 10 tools for saving up to 40% in energy savings
  • Helps reduce the overall cost of the entire heating and cooling system by up to 50%
  • Can be retrofitted into existing buildings without remodeling or without needing to deal with asbestos abatement


“Emme” (Energy Management Made Easy) has been specified/installed into buildings ranging from 1,000 sq feet to over 1 million square feet and everything in between. 

Core + Sensor

Residential Room-By-Room

Commercial Room-By-Room