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Cleveland, OH 44128
United States
216-650-1087 makes it easy to build high quality, customized plaques that showcase the design element of a building that earn LEED certification. LEED Recognition Plaques from have three main benefits:

…communicate the design elements that earn LEED certification by letting visitors know the elements of your design that earn LEED certification, both showcasing the design and educating the public about LEED. 
…have a lower cost / faster design time than traditional custom signage because they are based on a customizable, but standard product platform. Plaque are designed in minutes and can ship in 3-4 weeks from proof approval. 
…utilize sustainable materials and processes. products are designed for permanence, our plaques will not need to be replaced. If replacement is desired, the materials are 100% recyclable.

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Indoor/Outdoor Landscape Plaque - Building Plaques

Indoor/Outdoor Landscape Plaque

Indoor/Outdoor Portrait Plaque - Building Plaques

Indoor/Outdoor Portrait Plaque

Color Indoor Landscape Plaque - Building Plaques

Color Indoor Landscape Plaque - Building Plaques

LEED® Recognition Plaque