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Atlas Preservation

122 Spring Street STE B1
Southington, CT 06489
United States

Welcome to Atlas Preservation a Monument and Building Restoration Supply Company. We strive to provide the most competitive pricing, most reliable, and consistent preservation, restoration, & repair products on the market.

Based on personal hands-on experience working in stone installation, restoration and preservation since 1986, our inventory and product selection options are extensive and unique.

The Atlas Blog is our news feed & contains information, pictures, & videos about us at Atlas, and calling attention to the new products as they arrive. Insightful and interesting preservation/restoration news.

Atlas Preservation is your one stop shop for stone epoxy, as we inventory assorted products to  join new stone, masonry and to repair & conserve historic stone. Atlas also stocks a wide range of stone cleaners including D/2, for removal of biological activity, Akemi for stubborn staining from rust and pollution as a full line of Graffiti removal and prevention products and supplies from a leader in the field, Graffiti Solutions.

Atlas has cleaning and treatment solutions for stone, masonry, metals &  much more.

Numerous adhesives options are in stock from Pratley & Akemi.

Monument repair and installation supplies, including monument setting compound in 4 colors, lead & plastic spacers. Bon Tool pinch bars and setting bars.

We also have lifting slings, hoists, hardware & lifting tripods all in stock.

Atlas will be expanding to more product lines and increasing product selection on an ongoing basis.

Basic Artist Kit | Atlas Preservation

Basic Artist Kit

StrongEdge 45 - 1.5 Quart Set | Atlas Preservation

StrongEdge 45 - 1.5 Quart Set

Magnolia Brush | Atlas Preservation

Magnolia Brush

[Handheld] T100V Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter | Atlas Preservation

[Handheld] T100V Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter

6 1/2 X 1/4 - Tuck Pointer | Atlas Preservation

6 1/2 X 1/4 - Tuck Pointer | Atlas Preservation

D/2 Stone Cleaning Set | Atlas Preservation

D/2 Stone Cleaning Set

Contractor Grade Round Point Shovel - 27" D

Epoxy Akepox 2010 - 450 Gram Tubes

NANO Stain Repellent - 1 Liter

D/2 Biological Solution - 2 Gallons