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AirFlow™ Panels

Portland, OR 97232
United States

AirFlow(tm) Panels 

  • save ENERGY 
  • improve occupant HEALTH, and 
  • increase usable floor SPACE 


at no added cost to your building project.

AirFlow(tm) Panels are based on principles at work in fish gills and human lungs, two biological examples of ultra-efficient membrane-based exchangers. 

A hybrid HVAC / building envelope product,  AirFlow(tm) Panels integrate custom-engineered, membrane-based exchangers into  elegant, high performance building envelope components.  Like a set of gills for your building, they act as a series of small DOAS ventilation units distributed over the facade, providing clean, efficient outdoor air directly through the envelope to the occupants inside. 

They are available in a range of sized and finishes to provide broad architectural flexibility, they are compatible with many HVAC system configurations, and they are ideal of both new construction and renovation.


             Put gills on your next building.

       Save Energy.  Gain Space.  Stay Healthy.