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Unilock New York, Inc. Boston Division

35 Commerce Dr
Uxbridge, MA 01569
United States

Over 40 years ago, our founder stumbled upon a unique little European product called the Uni-Stone. Intrigued by the benefits of this revolutionary paving method, he decided to license the product and bring the concept to North America. He purchased a basic paver machine from Europe and hired a small staff to produce the stones.

Founder Ed Bryant – circa 1972

In those days, most sales of Unilock® were to large-scale commercial properties and streetscapes. Any lapse in quality would be costly and would jeopardize our owner’s personal reputation. So quality was of paramount importance.

From these humble beginnings, through to the multinational company we are today, Unilock has remained a family-owned company that puts quality first. For us, it’s not just a matter of dollars and cents, it’s our personal reputation that’s on the line. Our customers – Homeowners, Contractors, Landscape Designers and Architects, across North America – can rely on us to supply them with quality product every time.