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1401 Locust St.
Louisville, KY 40206
United States

Sunstrand: Biomaterials for Industrial and Technical Applications

Our domestically sourced materials and innovative processing – as America’s ONLY major industrial decorticator – are helping manufacturers create high performing and sustainable products where replacing traditional materials was never before thought possible.

Sunstrand’s products and operations have been designed to deliver consistent, high quality materials compatible with a large number of applications and a particular emphasis on providing bulk feedstocks for the plastics, polymer composites and non-woven manufacturing industries.

Pulping | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials


Consulting | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials


Surface Treatment | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials

Surface Treatment

Mechanical Processing | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials

Mechanical Processing

Natural Material Insulation

Natural Fiber Insulation

Sunstrand Natural Materials

Sunstrand Natural Materials

Bio-Material Spray-up Unit | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials

Bio-Material Spray-up Unit | Sunstrand Sustainable Materials

CoreBoard House


Wet Lay

Chopped Strand Mat