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Spinnanker GmbH

Großmarktstraße 7
A – 1230 Wien
+43 1 617 45 55-0

Faced with the constitutional challenges on a daily base and rooted in the alpine area, searching for process enhancement and simplification is a must. Originally we were coming from the avalanche barrier system. The research for an adequate foundation for this system inspired our passion to do something much bigger.


Nature is the best master. Under the assumption that revolutionary processes with optimised structures are predominant in nature, we tried to get hold of these. The search for the optimal foundation and anchor system for high loads and with no concrete lead us to the rood system of a tree. Following Leonardo da Vinci, a mastermind of bionics, we found an innovative transformation of the technique. Brilliant ordinary - simply ingenious.

The system must be simple and cost-effective, at once safe and multifunctional. With the Spinnanker foundation the technical transformation in a saleable product was done successfully. Medium-term goal is an area-wide operation, geographically as well as application technology wise. Geographically for example in desert zones because of the sandy ground, on the application side for example for slope stabilisation after landslide.


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