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Smith Seckman Reid, Inc

2995 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204
United States

Experience, innovation, and technical expertise are qualities that clients should expect from engineering firms. Smith Seckman Reid provides comprehensive engineering design and facility consulting services that consistently meet these expectations.


Since its founding in 1968, SSR has become a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects for public and private clients across the United States and around the world. Whether new construction or modernizing existing spaces, we have the depth of experience required to respond to client needs.

Positioning facilities to perform optimally on a sustainable basis is what our professional staff of engineers, sustainability specialists, and field technicians accomplish every day. SSRCx focuses on providing system solutions that are operationally flexible, efficient, and sustainable and help owners achieve their sustainability goals using a variety of tools.

Booth Past Locations: 
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)- Industrial Market

Industrial Market

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)- Healthcare Market

Healthcare Market

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)- Federal Market

Government facilities

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)- Education Market

Education Market

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) - Technology: Project Management

Technology: Project Management

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) - Technology: Low Voltage Consulting

Technology: Low Voltage Consulting

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) - Retro Commissioning

Retro Commissioning

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) - Commissioning


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR)- Environmental Engineering Services

Environmental Engineering Services

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) - Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services