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Robi Decking

2928 Rockingham Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30307
United States

Robi Decking ® is the premier supplier of sustainable outdoor wood products. We specialize in Black Locust decking and lumber – the most durable, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly outdoor wood choice available. No other decking option can compare to Black Locust when it comes to sustainability, durability, and natural rot resistance to decay, mildew and insects. Black Locust is the perfect choice for an outdoor decking project in any climate. Other decking materials are either from tropical hardwood trees such as Ipe, Big Leaf Mahogany or Teak where exploitative deforestation has driven these species toward the brink of extinction. Some other decking options are from chemically treated wood such as pine, or from synthetically developed composite decking materials from plastics.Come and see us at Booth 2024.

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