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Rainwater Management Solutions

2550 Shenandoah Avenue NW
Roanoke, VA 24153
United States

RMS provides complete rainwater harvesting systems and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. The firm provides professional design and consulting services to its clients, which include development, engineering and architectural firms seeking specialized rainwater and stormwater management system design capabilities. Many of our clients are focused on earning LEED points.

  RMS brings a commonsense, cost-effective approach to addressing the escalating issue of water conservation and management through its innovative rainwater harvesting system designs and its experienced, knowledgeable staff. The expertise of the staff encompasses industries directly impacted by water management issues.

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Suction Booster/Jet Pump

Wisy 4-Step System

Rainwater Controllers

Rainwater Controllers

Overflow Devices

Overflow Devices


Rainwater Controllers

Packages & Designs

Overflow Devices

Floating Filters — Rainwater Management Solutions

Floating Filters