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Pure Air Control Services, Inc.

4911 Creekside Drive
Clearwater, FL 33760
United States

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. (PACS) is a nationally recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) firm headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Since 1984, PACS has provided IAQ services to governmental agencies, educational institutions, commercial properties, energy engineering firms and other mechanical contractors. We are a privately-owned company with established credentials and experience in all areas of IAQ and indoor environmental problem solving.

PACS offers a full range of professional solutions to indoor air quality concerns. We provide turn-key solutions through environmental consulting, building diagnostics, and laboratory services, as well as HVAC system hygienic cleaning and restoration.

Our senior indoor air quality staff includes industrial hygienists, certified indoor environmental consultants, microbiologists and building remediation technicians, who work as a team to provide a total solution.

With over 600 million square feet of experience in more than 10,000 buildings we are the – Indoor Air Quality Experts.

Booth Past Locations: 

PURE-Decon Disinfection

Hygienic Duct Cleaning

PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab)

Exterior Before and After HVAC New Life

HVAC New Life Restoration