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Presto Geosystems

670 N Perkins St
Appleton, WI 54914-3133
United States

Reflect your design vision and manage stormwater with proven solutions for vegetated and aggregate porous pavements.

Increase your green space with our rigid GEOBLOCK® grass pavers and GEOPAVE® gravel pavers -- ideal for firelanes, utility access, parking areas and trails.
Design green walls and slopes that blend naturally with the environment with the GEOWEB® soil stabilization system. Ask about our free GEOWEB MSE Wall Software.

Each solution is suitable for low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure design and contribute to green building credits for managing stormwater and reducing site disturbance.

Booth Past Locations: 

ATRA® Anchor

GEORUNNER® Scour Protection

GEOWEB® Retaining Walls

GEOWEB® Channel Protection

GEOWEB® Geocells Soil Stabilization

GEOTERRA® Construction Mats

Construction Mats

GEOBLOCK® – Strong Vegetated Porous Pavement

Vegetated Porous Pavement

GEOWEB® – 3D Geocell Erosion Control

3D Geocell Erosion Control

GEOWEB® – 3D Geocell Shoreline Protection

3D Geocell Shoreline Protection

GEOWEB® – 3D Geocell Slope Protection

3D Geocell Slope Protection