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Pinfa NA

PO Box 548
Califon, NJ 07830
United States

About pinfa-NA ( pinfa-NA (Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association-North America) is a non-profit trade organization that brings together manufacturers of flame retardants plastics, major end users & regulatory organizations for the advancement of green FR technologies. The organization supports fire safety through innovative, reliable & sustainable fire performance solutions, using products based on halogen free phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) & inorganic compound (metal ions, hydroxides). Pinfa-NA?s primary focus is to: Advance environmentally friendly non-halogenated flame retardant solutions globally; Bring together manufacturers and users of major flame retardant technologies; Sponsor and participate in conferences/workshops on flame retardants and end uses; Publish educational brochures supporting non-halogenated flame retardant systems; Monitor and work with industry and regulatory organizations.


What are PIN FRs?

Inorganic flame retardants

What are PIN FRs?

Nitrogen based flame retardants

What are PIN FRs?

Phosphorus based flame retardants

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