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Purchasing windows, doors, and skylights is a significant investment and complex purchase decision. Everyone wants attractive and efficient products, but very few know what to look for at the shelf. That’s where we come in.

The NFRC is an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective window, door, and skylight energy performance ratings to help you compare products and make informed purchase decisions in the following ways:

Communicating the energy performance of products using the NFRC label

Helping you understand the different categories of energy performance

Providing tips, tools, and educational resources

Narrowing your product search through our NFRC Certified Product Directory

Delivering friendly, expert support

The NFRC does not do the following:

Sell, service, or recommend products, or endorse manufacturers. It simply provides objective energy performance ratings so you can make more informed decisions

Install or guarantee the performance of improperly installed NFRC-certified windows, doors, and products

Service warranties, provide rebates, or tax incentives

Establish or enforce building codes