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Lightglass: Transforming windowless spaces

As circadian lighting continues to gain traction in our industry, the Lightglass team is designing LED luminaires that will transform the most light deprived environments into comfortable working and living spaces. There are billions of square feet of windowless space in the US, and although humans discovered the importance of daylight to our health many years ago, millions still spend the majority of their days without it.

Our goal is to provide architects and designers a lighting medium that becomes a part of architecture, does not limit creativity, and provides the natural benefits of daylight. Lightglass can be built into a wall like a window or a clerestory, built into a ceiling like a skylight, surface mounted, or placed in arrays to build custom modular lighting systems. The framework of Lightglass is tempered glass and aluminum to ensure durability and uniform light distribution. Luxtech LEDs simulate daylight with the ability to dim and tune color temperature for optimal visual comfort.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We created Lightglass for the nurses who spend 12 hours inside without a break. We built it for the back-office accountant or the mail room employee who needs to be accurate and focused. We built it for warehouse employee who needs an energy boost. Above all, our mission is to improve the quality of peoples lives by enhancing the built environment.