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Leading Edge Safety, LLC.

1345 Taney St
North Kansas City, MO 64116
United States

Leading Edge Safety is your complete solution for fall protection. Whether you need permanent, temporary, or mobile fall protection, Leading Edge Safety has the answers for you, with an array of options designed to keep you safe on the job. Unlike our competitors, Leading Edge Safety combines two successful names in the fall protection industry with proven history.

AES Raptor and Premier Rail Systems have joined forces to offer you a full temporary, permanent and mobile fall protection solutions from one great provider. Our combined expertise, customer service and American-made products provide an unmatched selection of products and services.

Falling is easily one of the most dangerous aspects in the roofing and construction industry, when a fall occurs on a jobsite they often result in serious injury or death. In the effort to prevent such hazards Leading Edge Safety, LLC of North Kansas City, MO is honored to provide such safety equipment to the roofing and construction industry. Leading Edge Safety, LLC offers solutions for all of your fall protections needs. Expanding their lineup to include everything from their respected Raptor mobile fall protection anchor points (e.g. TriRex, Stinger and R2000), to temporary and permanent perimeter railing systems. Leading Edge, LLC can now offer a one stop solution to the products that allow you to continue a safe and productive work site.

Booth Past Locations: 

Skylight Guardrail System

Roof Hatch Guardrail System

SafetyGator™ Fall Restraint System

R2000™ Mobile Fall Protection Cart

The ORIGINAL Tri-Rex™ Mobile Fall Protection Cart