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Kloeckner Metals US

11501 Reading Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241
United States

Kloeckner Metals Corporation is a pioneer in the digital transformation of the steel industry and looks to be a full-line service center to its customers while fully digitalizing the supply and service chain. Our footprint has grown strategically over the years to better serve customers all over North America and beyond.

Kloeckner is an integrated value chain network of metal manufacturing, processing, distribution, and services that spans 45+ branches in North America and over 170 worldwide. Customers come to us for our extensive, nationwide inventories of carbon and non-ferrous metals and they stay with us for our value-add services and consultative approach. Kloeckner locates its branches close to the industries they serve, facilitating our goal to build high-quality, long-term partnerships with our customers that reflect the highest level of service. With an unsurpassed inventory of over 200,000 products, Kloeckner has become one of the nation’s most trusted resources for just-in-time product, whether it’s off-the-shelf or custom.

Our mission is to provide superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and on-time delivery every time. To assure maximum value for our activities, the management team demonstrates an unrelenting, aggressive approach to all commercial, operational, and cost-control opportunities. Kloeckner Metals Corporation is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia and has more than 2,300 employees.

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