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Jarden Zinc Products

Jarden Zinc Products
Greeneville, TN 37745
United States

We are the ONLY 100% made in the USA Zinc supplier. Manufacturing zinc strip using different alloy compositions has been our core expertise since inception. Our family of alloy strip compositions create properties that are advantageous for a wide range of applications in industries including architectural, building products, electronic, consumer goods, and many other products areas. We are the largest zinc strip producer in North America and have in-house capabilities for melting, alloying, casting, rolling, slitting and plating operations.

We maximize the many benefits and features of zinc that make it desirable for residential and commercial building projects. Since zinc is a anti-corrosive metal, enables a wide range of thermal expansion and is a fungistat, it is ideal for applications that require long-lasting durability in the construction product industry. The ductility, malleability and soldering capabilities of zinc strip are ideal for both form and function. Another advantage of zinc is its cost-effectiveness in comparison to other construction metals such as copper and brass.

Zinc has excellent formability allowing for creative architectural expression through the design of intricate shapes and elaborate forms. The longevity of zinc makes it a great choice for roofing, wall cladding, dormers, steeples, gutters and other water-shedding components. Zinc’s natural beauty enhances the interior design of structures when used as counter/bar tops, wall panels, lighting fixtures and other decorative ornaments.

We produce zinc strip with 99.995% pure special high-grade zinc, meets ASTM B69 and EN 988 standards, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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