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650 W. Lake St. Unit 415
Chicago, IL 60661
United States

A 501 (c) (6) organization founded in 1979, the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) works to ensure the equitable participation of its constituents in the construction industry, while also promoting the growth, quality of work, professionalism and integrity of these individuals and businesses.

HACIA Vision & Approach

HACIA believes that all qualified construction businesses should have equal access to opportunities in their industry. Accordingly, we have fought for diversity in the construction world since 1979, clearing paths of opportunity for thousands of Minority- and Woman-owned Business Enterprises across the Midwest. HACIA has also successfully advocated for public policy that formally outlines the rights and responsibilities of minority construction firms in Chicago.

HACIA also sees the need to equip a growing Hispanic community with the tools necessary to seize and succeed at new business opportunities. HACIA believes that, like any group, Hispanics must constantly obtain training and education to remain at the cutting edge of the construction world. Thus, we have established bilingual training programs, professional development activities and a suite of member services that assist Hispanics in growing their own construction-related businesses and developing powerful professional networks.

Finally, HACIA believes in pushing its community beyond what have become traditional roles for Hispanics in the construction industry. HACIA believes that Hispanics must seek positions of leadership in the construction world in addition to mandated set-asides and manual labor jobs. Toward this end, HACIA challenges and trains Hispanic construction firms to bid and excel as prime contractors and other top-level service providers. We encourage and provide resources for Hispanic construction workers to obtain English language skills, occupational training and certifications that will help them climb the career ladder in the construction world. And, through its Scholarship Foundation, HACIA assists young Hispanics in obtaining college degrees that will enable them to take on professional positions in the construction industry.