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Green Dot Sign

324 Stonebridge Blvd
St Paul, MN 55105
United States


Green Dot Sign™ is the nationwide leader in beautiful, sustainable ADA and wayfinding signage. 

Green Dot Sign™ was founded by Simon and Gretchen Nussbaum because as long time sign entrepreneurs, they knew the waste made by traditional sign companies and decided complacence is no longer an option.

Traditional signage production often results in up to 50% material waste. The finished signs plus this scrap are very hard to recycle, so they typically end up in a landfill.  Since the plastics used in sign production don’t biodegrade, this means practically every sign you’ve ever ordered leaves a mess for future generations to deal with. It’s time to be responsible and face the challenge head on.

In order to do so, Green Dot Sign™ (GDS) developed new, patent pending technology, letting you now source ADA signs made with 3D printing that is directly fused to FSC° 100%, midwest grown, aspen.  These are signs so beautiful you have to see it to believe, and GDS encourages everyone to order a sample today.  Samples have a random ADA compliant pictogram, raised letters and braille on the front, and our 13 standard colors on the back.  GDS developed these 13 colors to compliment current interior design trends while meeting §703 of the 2010 ADA Standards for high visual contrast.  

Green Dot Sign offers around 10,000 ready-to-order ADA sign combinations online through an eCommerce site.  This features the most common ADA signs in today's marketplace.

For full building packages GDS encourages clients to reach out to us as early as possible for consultative design services, or to discuss site significant wood reuse.  Site significant wood reuse let's Green Dot Sign turn the materials used in a prior building into signage for the new building, thereby creating a unique emotional connection, continued carbon sequestration and some darn beautiful signs.  

In addition to these services, Green Dot Sign offers full custom sign packages including live edge wood signage, wall logos, directories and more.  

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