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The Ecoshel Cedar Shingle System is a new and better way to install real cedar shingles for both roofing and siding. Ecoshel installs faster, looks better, lasts longer, and costs less than a conventional cedar shingle installation.

The Ecoshel System combines the highest quality cedar shingles with advanced performance features, for an exceptionally beautiful installation that will last a lifetime.

Ecoshel is a panelized system that uses real cedar shingles connected to each other, not to a backer board. The system provides a fast, easy, authentic installation, with the added benefits of optimal joint placement, extreme weather protection, and a built-in ventilation system that prevents cupping and decay.

Pre-Assembled Hip and Ridge Units

Pre-Assembled Woven Corners

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shake-Strips

Western Red Cedar Shingle-Strips