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ClearVue PV

567 Newcasttle
West Perth 6005


At ClearVue Technologies, we see a world where consumers are part of the energy solution. We see a world where nearly all buildings and other surfaces become solar PV collection sources and where the ClearVue PV BIPV and glass PV solutions form an integral part of that new future.

ClearVue’s patented innovative glazing technology uses an activated interlayer, sandwiched within a panel composed of a number of glass panes, some of which are coated by specialised thin-films.

Our advanced glazing system combines: our proprietary nano and micro particles dispersed into an interlayer; a clever internal design; and our custom format PV cells. The combined solution prevents heat and unwanted solar radiation (UV and infrared) from penetrating the glass pane. The unwanted solar radiation is then redirected to the edge of the glass pane for controlled distribution and harvesting through conventional PV solar cells to create clean energy - all whilst allowing natural visible wavelength light to pass through largely unaltered to provide maximum natural daylighting.

ClearVue Technologies product qualities include:

  • Reduced electricity costs through improved glass insulation qualities and on-site electricity generation.
  • Has a lifespan exceeding 20 years by using inorganic materials.
  • Safe, clean renewable energy with reduced reliance on fossil fuels.
  • High transparency (up to 70%), of visible natural light passes through the glass.
  • Reduced fuel consumption for the automotive industry: this is not only a cost saving for customers but also reduces CO2 gas emissions in the environment.
  • Reduced electricity network infrastructure costs, especially in remote and rural areas.
  • Back-up for existing energy systems.
  • The glass will provide a robust payback to a building or structure’s owner and operator.
Booth Past Locations: 

2.3m x 1.2m Clear Solar PV Generating Window

Smart Facades

Illuminated Glazing

Smart Windows allowing natural ventilation

Auto Switching Glazing

Multi-Function Facade

Closed Cavity Blind

Casement Window

ClearVue solar PV skylight

ClearVue Solar PV Curtain Wall

Clear Solar PV Generating Window

Clear Solar PV Generating Window