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64 Pleasant street
Watertown, MA 02472
United States

In 2016, we (a group of like-minded Architects, Designers, Fabricators, Educators, and Tinkers) approached the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) with the idea of creating a new Knowledge Community focused on “Maker Culture” and how it intersects with design processes. The resulting committee was dubbed MakeTank. As interest and attendance rates quickly ballooned, instead of simply hosting monthly presentations, the committee decided to get our collective hands dusty. Now, we engage with the BSA and outside organizations to explore materials research and experiment with ideas in physical form through projects which promote and foster the growth of “maker culture” in the Boston Area.

The mission of MakeTank is to create a collaborative environment to research and experiment within the physical form: improving design quality, delivery, and material understanding. We believe making is an essential part of the design process. 

At ABX this year, MakeTank will launch a new endeavor in collaboration with our partners: the BSA, the Boston Planning & Development Agency, PBC Geographic Information Services, BluEdge, AET Labs, Stratasys, and GrabCad. MakeTank’s next endeavor is a project that will empower our community of makers to collaboratively improve Boston's ability to represent itself. This project will demonstrate the power of collaborative community making and its ability to inspire and represent an entire city through the creation of a digitally fabricated City of Boston model for display at the Boston Society of Architects.  

Interested in MakeTank’s other initiatives? Follow us on social media, and feel free to stop by one of our monthly meetings at the BSA! 

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