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B-Line is a turn-key mobility reporting platform that speeds the path to green building certification. It enables environmental consultants and organizations to quickly and easily and collect occupant comfort and commuting data. Beyond the data needed for green building certifications, B-Line’s data helps occupants carpool, enhances a cities’ biking and transit infrastructure, and helps citizens get to work faster. B-Line passively collects users’ mobility patterns through mobile devices generating real-time transportation reporting on users’ trip time, duration, distance, purpose, and mode. This data unveils environmental and health impacts and enables real estate developers and property managers to understand how staff and customers navigate the built environment without having to purchase automated traffic counters and self-reporting travel surveys. No hiring staff to collect data at entrances for a week. No annoyed building residents. No double counts. And no time spent processing 7 days of self-reporting surveys. B-Line makes green building compliance easy and affordable.

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