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40 Boardman Pl
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

Air quality (IAQ) impacts all aspects of our health, safety and well-being. There is massive opportunity in how we design, build, monitor, and control our environments. Awair exists to make sure we are productive, safe, and healthy. Awair empowers consumers and businesses to thrive in their indoor spaces. We monitor consumers’ homes for toxins and chemicals, providing personalized recommendations and smart solutions so they can take control of their environment. We work with businesses across the world to equip them with real-time, actionable environment data to achieve their financial, certification, and health goals. Awair provides unique, complete hardware and software solutions to help you take control of your indoor air quality.

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Awair Baby

Awair Baby

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Awair Glow

Awair - Air Quality Monitor

Awair 2nd Edition

Awair Omni - Air Quality Monitor for Business

Awair Omni