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Alveole: The Urban Beekeeping Company

7154 Saint-Urbain #101
Montreal, QC H2S 3H5

Alvéole is an urban beekeeping company that offers a turnkey beekeeping service for companies, individuals, and institutions. For the past six years, we’ve taken care of installing and maintaining rooftop bee hives across four major cities, providing our clients with raw honey from their bees at the end of the season. Our mission is to engage the public through education: in our model, we use the hive to bring people together and teach about the important role bees play in our ecosystem, done through a series of workshops on beekeeping and sustainability.

Our projects offer a full suite of personalized beehive products, engaging educational activities, marketing materials, and community outreach.

Start a buzz in your community and create an impact with this innovative environmental initiative! 

Budget Honey Extractor (Made in Italy)

Perfecting Your Skills

Beekeeping Basics

Protective kit

Spring kit

Alvéole trio

Neighbourhood honey

Urban honey tasting box

Beeswax food wrap

Nude beekeeping calendar 2019