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3401 Greys Ferry Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States

Airthinx is a data-driven award-winning Internet-of-Things (IoT) air quality monitoring solution for indoor spaces, and this winter, outdoor spaces.  Complete with hardware, access to the cloud, open APIs, a unique enterprise-level web-console and user-friendly app, the technology enables anyone to see the air they breathe.  The signature Airthinx IAQ measures over 9 parameters of air quality in real-time, communicating all the data to the cloud via cellular connectivity and integrating via open APIs with Building Management & HVAC systems to mitigate the risks of exposure to unhealthy, unsafe, or toxic air quality. This winter, Airthinx will be releasing the Airthinx PRO, the first sustainable IoT solution for monitoring outdoor air pollution.  



Airthinx PRO

Airthinx Pro

Airthinx Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor

Airthinx IAQ

Airthinx App

Internet-of-Things Platform

Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device

Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Device