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Acutiy Brands, Lucid, Sunoptics® Skylights and Daylighting Systems

1 Lithonia Way
Conyers, GA 30012
United States

Since 1978, Sunoptics® has designed and manufactured prismatic skylights and daylighting delivery systems that harness the power of the sun to maximize the cost-effective energy savings of daylighting in classrooms, offices, retail and warehousing applications. Our skylights feature high-performance prismatic lenses that provide maximum light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion — which eliminates undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage to the daylit space.

Sunoptics® is well positioned to serve your local needs through its national distribution network. As part of the Acuity Brands® portfolio, Sunoptics® offers the advantage of providing holistic daylighting product solutions consisting of skylights, LED luminaires and advanced lighting controls from one source.

Our LightFlex™ LED is the industry’s first tubular daylighting system with integrated controls to provide natural light, tunable-white LED light, or a combination of both – in the same system. It simplifies lighting design while providing an optimal lighting system for interior commercial applications to support ones' natural circadian rhythm.

At Sunoptics, we believe There’s no greater efficiency than off!®

Booth Past Locations: 
Sunoptics LightFlex LED for open-ceiling application - SLFOL

LightFlex™ LED Tubular Daylighting System for Open-Ceiling (SLFOL

Sunoptics Residential Skylights (RES)

Residential Skylights (RES)

Sunoptics Skylight Curbs with fall protection (CURB)

Commercial Skylight Curbs (CURB)

Sunoptics UL Listed Smoke Vents (SVT)

UL Listed Skylight Smoke Vents (SVT)

Sunoptics Signature Series Skylight (SIG)

Signature™ Series Prismatic Skylight (SIG)

Sunoptics LightFlex LED for suspended ceiling application - SLFTL

LightFlex™ Tunable-White LED Tubular Daylighting System

Sunoptics EZY Curb EZYSA Modular Skylight Curb System

EZY Curb Modular Skylight Mounting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs