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Glass Products

2.3m x 1.2m Clear Solar PV Generating Window

Smart Facades

Illuminated Glazing

Smart Windows allowing natural ventilation

Auto Switching Glazing

Multi-Function Facade

Closed Cavity Blind

Casement Window

Reveal 1 - Transparent Mode

Guardian Reveal®

Back-painted Glass Whiteboard

Guardian DecoHT®

UltraClear - Facade application

Guardian UltraClear® Low-Iron Glass

Guardian Glass Analytics

Guardian Glass Analytics™

7 St. Thomas - SN 68 on UltraClear

Guardian SunGuard®Low-E Coatings

Guardian Bird1st Coating

Guardian Bird1st™ UV coated glass

Case study - VIG installed at Eastern Michigan University

Guardian Vacuum IG™

Back-painted Glass & Backsplashes - Oasis Shower Doors

Back-painted Glass & Backsplashes

Heat Mirror®

Blue & Green Tinted Glasses

New Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass

OPACI-COAT-300®Spandrel Glass by ICD Coatings